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Welcome to our Seychelles accommodation page. Here the Seychelles budget accommodations are grouped by island. Mahe island, Praslin island and la Digue island. This will make it easier for you to compare and choose accommodation in the same island.

The hotels on the page are rotated to give everyone a chance to appear at the top, so if you do not see your favorite hotel scroll down the page and select another page number or choose by hotel name.

Instant booking is available based on availability. Therefore, enter your provisional travel date in the search calendar above for better results.

If you wish to stay on an island that is not on our list send us an email.

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What are the differences in accommodation type.

The differences in the many Seychelles accommodation and places to stay can be confusing. We have hotels, guesthouse, B&B, villas and self-catering.

Self-cater is exactly what it implies. It is your home away from home. In a self-catering you have to prepare all your meals yourself and daily maid services are provided to help with the washing up and to make the beds. B&B are bed and breakfast facilities; Seychelles accommodation can be a self-catering place that provides breakfast facilities, a guesthouse, villa or a hotel. Therefore, if you wish to have a self catering ask if they provide breakfast as extras.


In a B&B, breakfast is included in the rates.

It is important to note that in the self-cater or B&Bs, YOU will not be sharing with the landlord. It is against the law for the owner to share their house with you. You will be staying in separate building, but it can be close to the owner’s home. This close proximity is ideal for visitors to interact with the local community.


How to make your booking with Seychelles accommodation.

All our rates are seasonal, therefore it is important that when you are searching for your Seychelles accommodation you enter the correct dates. On the top left corner you have a small "find hotel" box with dates, enter your check-in and check-out dates and click the search button. All the rates will be updated for that time that you have entered, hence will give you a good idea of your budget.

If you are visiting mahe, praslin and la digue, it is not necessary to have 3 different bookings. The system will allow you to make all your booking with one booking ID. However, the choice is yours, which ever you find simpler.                                                      

First see the accommodation that you like and book it, then you can add transfer and activities at a later date.


Seychelles cheap accommodation

All our island accommodations on this site are STB (Seychelles Tourism Board) approved, and we are part of the Seychelles affordable campaign. Most of our seychelles accommodation on this website is below 100 euro per night for 2 people sharing.

We also arrange transfer between islands, do car hire arrangements, and organize other Seychelles tours and trips.

Visit us again for your best Seychelles accommodation.


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