Food & Cuisine

Similar to the people of the Seychelles, Seychellois cuisine is a fusion of influences from different regions of the world. From hot Indian curries to Chinese stir-fried fish and vegetables and French aromatic herbs, food in the Seychelles is a testament to the diverse people converged in peaceful harmony on these tiny islands.

Restaurants in the Seychelles are usually small businesses operated by families.  A few restaurants specialise in Indian, Chinese and Italian dishes as well as other international cuisines.  You can also eat at your Seychelles hotel.

Bars Top

Bars (what the English will call PUBS) are very few in the Seychelles. Drinks in the hotels are expensive. We buy from the shops at quarter of the price, put over ice and voila.

It is illegal to drink in public places, except for the beach of course.

Don’t try the local stuff because you will never know the level of alcohol in the local brew. The phrase one that is not enough, but two - that is too much is often used.

Fruits and vegs Top

You can buy fruits and vegetable from most local supermarket. Ask your landlord for the one nearest you.

Local Delicacies Top

There is a long list of local delicacies, from grilled fish to Octopus curry and the Bourguois. (Red snapper). Other fish are also popular, sometimes baked or grilled, and often very spicy and hot.

Octopus curry is cooked in coconut milk and should be eaten warm and not hot from the fire.

Some people like fruit bat curry. However, you need to know what you are doing when cooking this one.

The best-kept secret is the tec tec soup. Talk to you landlord at your local Seychelles B&B.