Shopping in the seychelles

The main area for shopping in the Seychelles is on the island of Mahe, where 90% population resides.  With no giant malls and international luxury designer chains, shopping in the Seychelles is different from what most people are used to. There are, instead, charming little shops selling basic commodities and local handicrafts, as well as a bustling markets selling fresh farm products and fish.

Those staying in a self-catering apartment will be interested to know where to buy food in the Seychelles. Victoria on the island of Mahe is the place to visit for that purpose; more specifically, the Sir Selwyn-Selwyn Clarke Market in the center of town.  Here you will be able to find spices, fish and other seafood, vegetables and various fruits. There is a bakery nearby and a butcher further to the east. Those staying in the villages don't panic there are always a village shop nearby.

Those looking for souvenirs will be thrilled to discover pleasant little boutiques selling locally-made products such as tea, perfume, spices, local liquor, jewellery made of corals and sea shells, painting and sculptures by locals artists, table mats and hats made from raffia and dried palm leaf, needlework and crochet, baskets, model sailing ships, local music as well as the very famous Coco de Mer. Make sure that when you purchase a Coco de Mer, the vendor gives you an export certificate to ensure that you can actually leave Seychelles with the nut.

You can visit the little kiosks on Francis Rachel Street /Esplanade or Camion Hall to buy Seychelles souvenirs in Victoria, Mahe. Kenwyn House, close to the Seychelles National Library, sells precious stones but also acts as a gallery for various local artists; their work can be purchased there. The Craft Village further south at Au Cap also sells souvenirs.

On Praslin, you can shop for commodities at Baie St.Anne or Cote D’Or and you can buy local art as souvenirs at art galleries such as George Camille Art Gallery.

Larger hotels also have boutiques and some attractions. For example, the Black Pearl Farm on Praslin has their own gift shops.

Lastly, there is a duty free shop at the airport selling souvenirs as well as liquor.

Supermarket Top

General food stuff and other accessories.

Albert street
New Port
Tel: (248) 4224848
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beau Vallo
Tel: (248) 4247808
aux cap, Mount Posse road.
Tel: (248)4375068

Public Market Top

Local products, vegetables, fruits, fish, spices, eggs, meat products and local garments,

Local craft and souvenirs Top

Locally made crafts.

Francis Rachel street.
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