Seychelles Tours & Excursions

Things to do in the Seychelles has always been an issue because there are very little online to choose from or good enough descriptions to encourage visitors to make a booking.

Obviously most of the nature trails, island visits and excursion are established tours. These activities have been around for a long time. These include nature reserve that are either bird sanctuary or just fauna and flora located at altitude. But what if you want to do something not done before, where will you go? Who will you ask?

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When you are planning your tours and excursions, please remember that the Seychelles are islands. Unless you do not have time and have travel a long way to miss an opportunity to visit the other islands it is cheaper and better if are staying on the island that you wish to visit.

From Praslin, for example, can be used to visit other little islands like Cousin island, Aride island, Curieusse, Sister, Coco and St Piere island. 

Accommodation on La Digue island is another option. If you are not staying on La Digue, you can also visit La Digue from Praslin island.

Our Seychelles tours and excursions can last for half a day, full day with or without lunch, or a couple of days. We welcome you to island hopping, trails, marine parks, snorkeling, barbequing and Creole lunch. Contact us if you need more assistance.

Duration: 8 hours
Duration: 8 hours
Duration: 5 hours
Duration: 8 hours
Duration: 1 day