Getting to the Seychelles

Going to the Seychelles

There are various ways and means to travel to the Seychelles islands. By air is the most common, with about 70 flights to the Seychelles a week. Other guests may visit either by sea, on visiting cruise ships and yachts.

International Airport.

The Seychelles are accessible from different countries throughout Europe, Africa, parts of Asia and the Indian Ocean. All the major airlines are coming to the Seychelles. These include Emirates, Qatar, Air France, British airways, Ethiopian Airways, Kenya Airways, Etihad, Turkish Airlines, Condor and Air Seychelles.

The Seychelles islands has one international airport, which is located about 10 km from the capital Victoria on the main island of Mahe. The Seychelles International Airport also acts as a hub for domestic flights to other smaller islands in the archipelago.

Th striking element of arriving in the Seychelles are the hugh boulders located just over your head. Arriving in the morning with the rising sun is must have picture opportunity.

By Sea

The Seychelles islands can be reached by boat, but there are no direct passenger services in operation yet.  Visitors who own their own boats are welcome at the Port of Victoria, providing all requirements have been met and all formalities are in order. Visitors traveling on cruises are also welcome to explore the beauty of Seychelles.

Getting around in the Seychelles

There are various ways to travel to the different islands of the Seychelles. Traveling from island to island is easy, either by sea or by air; many points on each island are easily accessible. Our travel guide will help you get around the Seychelles cheaply and hassle free.

Traveling from island to island

By Air

Many islands in the Seychelles archipelago can be reached by either aircrafts or helicopters. Air Seychelles operates scheduled flights between Mahe and Praslin, the second largest island. Praslin is 36 km from Mahe and the journey takes a mere 15 minutes! Air Seychelles offers chartered flights for those who want to explore smaller islands such as Bird and Denis Island. The other local flight operators in the Seychelles is the IDC (Island Development Company), which offers charters to Assumption, Farquhar, Desroches, Alphonse, Remire, Platte and Coetivy.

Helicopter Seychelles offers shuttle services, transfers and helicopter charter to a wide range of destinations; while the other helicopter company, ZilAir, offers luxury transfers and scenic tours.

By Sea

Most islands in the Seychelles can be reached by boat. The most frequently used ferry service is the Cat Cocos, which operates regular ferries between Mahe, Praslin and La digue. The Cat Cocos  is made up of a fleet of 2 catamarans that can transport 350 people each. It takes about an hour to reach Praslin by boat. Other ferries include Cat Rose, which operates between Praslin and the island of La Digue on a daily basis and takes about 30 minutes.  Other smaller and less inhabited islands can be reached by chartered yachts, catamarans and schooners.

Traveling within each island

By Bus

The cheapest and easiest way to get around on the two main islands of Mahe and Praslin is by bus. The main provider of public bus services in the Seychelles is the SPTC; it operates trips on a daily basis to almost every corner of the islands.  The destinations and routes are clearly labelled on the front of the buses and there are clearly marked bus stops and quaint little bus shelters along the length of the roads.  Buses in the Seychelles are usually reliable and have an impressive safety record, taking into account the speed at which bus drivers tackle the roads on precarious terrain! Buses depart from the Central Bus Terminal in Victoria to different areas on the island of Mahe.  

Praslin does not have a central bus station, but the depot is at Amitie, next to the Praslin airport. An SPTC bus trip cost SR 5, irrespective of the distance covered, while an air-conditioned bus trip is slightly more expensive at RS 10. There are maps at the Central Bus Terminal in Victoria clearly listing the destinations and illustrating the routes. In addition to this there are signs at the Bus Terminal which indicate where buses for each destination are stationed while awaiting passengers. Passengers pay the bus driver upon entering the bus. Buses are in operation from 6:30 to 19:30 and some routes are more frequently serviced than others. SPTC buses can also be hired for picnics or other private events.

By Car

If you are staying in the Seychelles for more than two or three days, then it is a good idea to rent a car. There are numerous car rental businesses on the islands of Mahe and Praslin.  You should bring your driving license, be 21  or older, and have been driving for at least three years in order to be allowed to rent a car.

Renting cars in the Seychelles is not an excessively expensive procedure. If you want to rent a car there are numerous ways to go about doing it. You can visit the Tourist department in Victoria, which has a list of car rental agencies, or you can book your car at the airport upon arrival by paying a visit to the desk of the bigger car rental businesses. Then again, you can simply book a car through your tour operator or your Seychelles resort.  Payments are made with major credit card or in cash and the Euro is the preferred currency. Roads in the Seychelles are paved and most are in good condition, though some roads can be narrow and steep with sharp curves and abrupt bends. Some areas lack crash barriers, which exposes drivers to sheer drops. Cars are driven on the left side of the road and there are speed limits throughout the island, with the greatest maximum speed being 80 km per hour on the two-lane highway between Victoria and The Seychelles international airport. Service stations do not operate 24/7 and close in the evening. 

By Taxi

Taxi services are available on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. Taxi ranks are available at major Seychelles hotels, the ferry jetty, and the international airport. If you are planning a short trip, the best and most comfortable way to enjoy the beauty of the Seychelles is by hiring a taxi. Taxi drivers are helpful and knowledgeable about the islands. Taxis are usually expensive but they are easy to come by and they are the best option for one day of exploration.  

By Bicycle

Bicycle is the favoured method of travel on the island of La Digue. Apart from oxcart, most inhabitants of this small rustic island avoid using motor vehicles. There are numerous bicycle rental businesses on La Digue, and the prices are negotiable.  Bicycles are less popular on Prsalin and Mahe, with a few bicycle rental agencies on Praslin and none on Mahe. Riding bikes on Mahe can be risky since the island is very mountainous and the roads often run along steep cliffs and have sharp curves.

Ferry Service Top

Provides ferry services between Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

Victoria Jetty
Tel: (248) 4324843
Baie st Anne Jetty, Praslin
Tel: (248) 4232394

Transfer services Top

Provides land transfer services.

Air Transfer Top

Air transfer, private or shared, by Air Seychelles domestic sevices or by helicopter companies.

Airport office
Tel: (248) 4391000

International Airlines Top

Airlines serving routes to and from the Seychelles.

Main office (caravel house)
Tel: (248) 4292700
Ibrahim Bldg. Francis Rachel St
Tel: (248) 4224516
Victoria house.
Tel: (248) 4381000