Seychelles Weather

Planning to visit the Seychelles? What will the weather be like in the Seychelles during your visit? See our six day forecast below.

Forecasting the weather in the Seychelles is not an exact science. The weather is dynamic and evolving constantly. We will give you an overview of the local climate in the Seychelles based on trends that have already been published.

The Seychelles, being in the tropics, do not have seasons like Europe. There are 2 monsoons in the Seychelles; the southeast monsoon and the northwest monsoon. The former lasts from May to October. During this time the wind is constant, at an average of 40 knots, and the sea is moderate to rough. The northwest monsoon is relatively calmer. The wind is soft, hence the temperatures are warmer.

The weather pattern is also different. The southeast monsoon is dry and cool, whilst the northwest monsoon is hot and wet. The peak rainy season is around January.

How does it rain in the Seychelles?

It is rare occurence that it will rain continuously for a week. If it rains for a day, it is considered very bad weather in the Seychelles. With all the current climate change phenomenon, the rainy period is shorter but it rains harder.

It is normal for it to rain for an hour and then to be sunny again.

Temperatures in the Seychelles vary between 24 degrees at night and 32 degrees during the day, year round.