Seychelles cultural dances

Every where the Seychelles Marketing Board (STB) will go. Either at trade fairs or other cultural events. They will always be accompanied by a  group of cultural dancers. But when you arrive in the Seychelles you find it hard to locate where these events are taking place. Well there are no official place where these dances or events take place. There are however, classes starting about April and end in about October when the students graduates. classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays after 5PM.

However, it is available if you can knock on the right door. Some hotels do have a weekly event with local bank but not to the extent of a large show where you can just sit and watch.

Your anticipation is high because you have seen the dances on TV and you are fascinated or maybe you are from one country where such dance could have originated. Some say that the "Contre Dance" came from France but is also and exact replica of the British "Barn Dance" found in some part of the British isles.

Seychelles was French and British colony. maybe the Dances is a combination of both cultures integrated. I leave that to the historians.

There are 8 "Contre Dances" these are performed by 2 couples and 8 "Dance Simple" performed by individual couples.

In the Contre Dance there are some aspect of repetition in the steps. However, each dance will have its own characteristic. Each of the Dance Simple has its own steps and moves.

You can now also enjoy the dances. If you are living in the Seychelles there are classes given by the ministry of culture.