Visiting Multiple Islands

Seychelles Island Hopping Holidays - The term island hopping is used when you are visiting more than one island of the Seychelles group.

The most visited islands of the Seychelles are Mahe, Praslin and La Digue island. The way to start your island hopping holiday is totally dependent on your arrival and departure time.

If you are arriving late in the night it is best to start your holiday in Mahe island and if you are leaving early in the morning it's necessary to be in Mahe island the night before so that you can be at the airport in time to catch your flight.

If you are arriving in Seychelles in the morning you can take the ferry which is at the Victoria Jetty and head to Praslin island, and start your island hopping holiday from there. The ferry schedule is available online and the ferry travel time is one hour from Mahe to praslin and 15 minutes from praslin to La Digue.

You can also have a choice of traveling to the island of going on ferry (boat) and return by air and vise versa, as the Air Seychelles operate a schedule flight between Mahe and Praslin island.

 On the islands you will be able to participate in many activities, like tours, excursions, island trails,visit reserved park and this can be arranged at your hotel or upon doing your booking with us (Holidays Seychelles). There are also cultural activities that are done as fun entertainments during week days or even in the weekends.

Car Hire can be arranged along with your island hopping so you can have a tour on the islands and visits our beautiful beaches, breathtaking sights and capture photos. In the weekends if you're wishing to go have a taste of restaurants/hotels food or buffet we do have live bands playing at night to entertained guests.